Jet Fighter Flights

You can actually go flying with Phil in a jet fighter trainer and experience what it is like to fly in a high performance jet. Phil will take you in the Albatros L-39C for an exhilarating ride in this incredible ex-military fighter jet!  You will reach speeds Up to 900km/h and feel the force of 5 G’s as he takes you through a range of military combat manoeuvres.  The ride can be tailored to the individual as anything from mild to wild.

So are you up for the challenge?  Phil will provide you with a military style mission briefing and then fit you out with a fully badged flying suit so you look the part and feel immersed in the world of a fighter pilot for the experience of a lifetime. You will then be strapped into the jet and given another briefing on emergencies.  Then it’s start up and taxi out for the take off which will set you back in the seat as the jet accelerates. Once airborne you will be amazed at the smooth quiet ride and the panoramic visibility.  You will then complete all the manoeuvres and return for the circuit and landing which is also an exciting part of the ride.

Want to know more about flying with Phil in a jet fighter? Get in touch.

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