Phil is an experienced and popular speaker with a range of subjects that provide an amazing insight into the world of fighter pilots.

Corporate Training

Phil was, for many years, the lead facilitator in the RAAF’s Air Combat Group for Crew Resource Management (CRM). CRM incorporates a wide range of subjects designed to educate people in team building principles, leadership and followership techniques, human factors, fatigue factors, error management and conflict resolution.

Phil is able to adapt these subjects to virtually any corporate application to deliver the skills and knowledge to management and employees that will improve their productivity and contribution to the workplace environment.

Enrichment Speaking

Phil is an accomplished enrichment speaker having worked for cruise lines Royal Caribbean International and the exclusive six star line Crystal Cruises. He delivers talks on aviation related subjects such as:

  • Autobiographical¬†– a summary of his life as an RAAF pilot with entertaining anecdotes mixed in
  • Military Aircraft Flying – what it’s like to fly these amazing aircraft
  • Fighter Tactics History – from pistols to missiles
  • The Road to ‘Top Gun’ – the path to becoming an RAAF combat fighter pilot and instructor
  • Military Leadership Techniques – how the military leadership doctrine differs from civilian corporations
  • The Battle of Milne Bay – a little known WWII battle that changed the course of the war in the Pacific

After Dinner Speaking

Phil has also been engaged to speak at many functions due to his easy, relaxed delivery style. With his amazing long career in aviation he relates many delightful and funny anecdotes mixed with some dramatic stories of close calls that will have everyone on the edge of their seats.

So if you want to have Phil bring a wonderfully different slant to your function or have your employees expertly trained in team building and leadership techniques get in touch to arrange a booking.

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