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Becoming a RAAF Pilot

I have had the pleasure of mentoring a number of young men in their attempts to become RAAF pilots and I have enjoyed a reasonable level of success over the years. There are a number of attributes that the RAAF look for during the recruiting process and I am often asked what these attributes are…

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The BAE Systems HAWK 127 Lead In Fighter

I left the RAAF in 1997 to go to Saudi Arabia, at the time I was the Commanding Officer of 76 Squadron flying the Macchi MB326H. During this appointment I was involved in deliberations about the Macchi replacement. My research indicated to me that the best available lead in fighter trainer in the world at…

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The Mirage IIIO

The Marcell Dassault Mirage III was designed as a supersonic interceptor capable of dealing with Soviet bomber aircraft of the day. To that end it was never intended to be an air superiority fighter nor a strike platform. The RAAF however, needed the aircraft to be all of these things and developed it’s roles accordingly.…

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Australian Hornet Ball 2014

The Royal Australian Air Force has had a proud tradition of Hornet flying since 1984. Now operating both F/A-18A+ and F/A-18F variants, the land down under is most definitely Hornet country. This video is from the inaugural Australian Hornet Ball which was held in Sydney, 2014. It gives an extremely brief insight into fighter flying…

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