The Sabre – A94-983

The Australian Sabre was a derivative of the American F-86 that we modified with a bigger engine the Rolls Royce Avon and 30mm canon instead of the six .50inch machine guns. A94-983 was rescued from the Royal Malaysian Air Force after they chose to retire the ones given to them by the Australian Government. The…

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The MiG-21 Jet Fighter

In the mid-nineties I received a phone call out of the blue from a syndicate of people who had purchased a MiG-21 asking me to fly it for them. After overcoming the initial shock of the request and the realisation that someone in Australia owned a MiG-21 and intended on flying it, I agreed. The…

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Billy Bongo – my super powered van

There may be a perception of what car a fighter pilot might choose to drive. Most would imagine something sporty or perhaps a muscle car with a big engine. They might even think that it would be owned for the specific purpose of extending a fighter pilot’s image as a macho man. Well I’m no…

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The Adventures of Terry Tyreburst

I have the distinct pleasure of working with the Pracy family headed by Mark Senior and his wife Donna, ably assisted by Mark junior. Their generosity and friendship have been wonderful and I am deeply indebted to them for employing me as a part time pilot flying their L-39 Albatros in the adventure flight business…

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Cruise with Royal Caribbean International

Just got back from a working cruise with Royal Caribbean International on their ship Voyager of the Seas. Massive ship, 42,000 tons heavier than a Nimitz class carrier. The cruise was around New Zealand, what a beautiful country. Royal Caribbean are right up there with cruise lines and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the…

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Australian Hornet Ball 2014

The Royal Australian Air Force has had a proud tradition of Hornet flying since 1984. Now operating both F/A-18A+ and F/A-18F variants, the land down under is most definitely Hornet country. This video is from the inaugural Australian Hornet Ball which was held in Sydney, 2014. It gives an extremely brief insight into fighter flying…

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